2 Week Quarantine Puppy Training Program

Specifically designed for puppies purchased during Quarantine to prevent separation anxiety, teach foundation obedience and set them up for success when families go back to their regular lifestyle.

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Training Designed to Shape
Happy & Obedient Family Pets

  • Build a Healthy Relationship

  • Understand Basic Commands

  • Create a Calm & Stable State of Mind

  • Humane & Effective Approaches


Foundational Skills

It is very important to train your puppy the crucial foundation skills needed to become a calm and well-mannered adult.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Recall
  • Treadmill Training
  • Calm in Crate

We do more than train your dog, we provide you with a lifetime of knowledge:

  • Owner education & training handouts on how to maintain a successful lifestyle and healthy relationship with your dog.
  • 8-12 instructional training videos so you feel confident in training your dog at home.
  • 2 virtual problem-solving sessions with a professional trainer.
  • 3 months of support via email and video.

Our Complimentary Programs


Prepares your puppy for your family life and work schedule.


Designed to teach your dog to be calm in all environments.

A Well Behaved Companion

  • LP-2WQP-5-2 | Testimonial Grid

    ITrainK9 was my 3rd trainer in the 6 months I had him… What seemed impossible, was possible after his board and train. He’s happy, loved, and part of our family. Which is all I wanted for him… The value is unmeasurable, and I recommend iTK9 ALL the time to anyone who listens.

    Melissa Hughes

  • Jason, Megan, Kat and team are noting short of amazing! Athena‘s everyday obedience is superb; she has great impulse control and such amazing calmness to her… Our entire relationship with Athena and our way of living has been shaped for the better. Thank you to iTK9 for helping us and training us to enjoy our dog!

    Mayissa Kitmitto

    LP-2WQP-5-2 | Testimonial Grid

It’s Time For Change

Create confidence in your dog. Our main goal is to provide you with a happy and obedient animal. Your dog will be with a professional trainer 24/7 and support will be continued as your pet eases out of our training program.

Call: 905-330-4211

Quarantine Protocols

Our drop off and pick-ups are now contactless as we maintain physical distancing. Before dropping off your dog, we recommend for you to thoroughly sanitize and wipe down all of your dog’s items. When you arrive at our facility, we will have a clean crate already set up and ready for your dog. Wearing gloves, you will put your dog into the crate and place all other items next to it, and you will then proceed back to your vehicle. A staff member will take your dog inside and once again clean all items thoroughly. This same process will happen for picking up your dog.

This is a challenging time for all. It’s important that we take these steps to protect you, our staff and our animals so that we can continue providing a safe environment. By working together, I am confident that we will get through this.