Obedience Training

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Is your dog older than 6 months old? Haven’t started training yet? Or dealing with behaviour issues?

Our obedience program is designed for dogs who are older than 6 months, have never been to training or are dealing with minor issues such as listed below:

  • Leash pulling
  • Doorbell reactivity
  • Mouthing
  • Excessive or demanding barking
  • Counter-surfing
  • Jumping

We focus on teaching your dog to remain calm and teach basic on and off-leash obedience such as:

  • Reliable recall
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Engagement
  • Place
  • Crate manners
  • Rules and boundaries
  • Environmental exposure
  • Car manners
  • Treadmill

We also provide:

  • Post board and train written training program
  • Post board and train homework
  • Educational handouts for continued success
  • Weekly updates
  • Two 2 hour go-home lessons at the completion of the program
  • 3 months of support via email, phone, text, video, etc

Our main focus is to teach your dog reliable obedience and make your life stress free by stopping annoying behaviour.

We require a deposit to hold your spot that is non-transferrable or refundable.

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  • Our Rottweiler Rocky (1yr 10months) was placed into the full-time board and train program with Jay/ITrainK9 for 4 weeks. During the month Rocky was taught everything from; Leash Control, Walking, Sit & Stays, Recalls, Obedience Training, Aggression Control & the list goes on!

    Aruba B from MiltonAruba B from MiltonRottweiler Rocky
  • Jason is a God !! We truly could not be happier about training with him , our 2.5 year old Shepard has shown major improvement since starting with him only 2 weeks ago. We cannot thank Jason enough for showing us how to understand our pup and all around have a better and stronger relationship with him. We look forward to continuing training with Jason!

    Monique N from TorontoMonique N from Toronto
  • I would like to send a Big thank you to Jason and Megan. They helped shape Picco and Stripe into dogs that people want to be around. My oldest dog stripe is 6 and is a lab/ German sherpard mix. She had issues with leash reactivity and also walking on leash . Yes she pulled the whole way. Just 4 weeks at Itraink9 and I enjoy walking her. No more pulling my arm off, or dreading that a dog would pass. The newest member of our family Picco ( a boxer) soon to be 1 had really bad in house manners. She didn’t listen, would do what she wanted. People didn’t want to visit because she was all over them. Barking / jumping. Now Picco is a totally different dog. I can sit and watch a movie without worrying where is she, what is she doing. She stays in place and no more jumping! Highly recommend using them if you have any issues Big or small. They will give you the proper tools to continue on and make your home a stress free and happy one!

    Tracey M from MiltonTracey M from MiltonPicco ( A Boxer)

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