Six Week Intensive

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Our Six Week Intensive program focuses on more serious issues such as:

  • Severe anxiety
  • Severe leash reactivity to dogs and people
  • Severe fear
  • Human and dog aggression
  • Resource guarding

Your dog will learn the following:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recalls
  • Place
  • Drop it or Out

We also provide:

  • Post board and train written training program
  • Post board and train homework
  • Educational handouts for continued success
  • Go-home lessons
  • 3 months of support via email, phone, text, video, etc

We require a deposit to hold your spot that is non-transferrable or refundable.

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  • Finley had some issues when I adopted him with barrier frustration, reactivity, not listening and not being able to be calm around other dogs. When I first got Finley I tried your typical obedience class but they did not work on these issues and the advice they offered did not work. So I contacted Jason and scheduled an assessment. He recommended a board and train program, at first I was hesitant for a few reasons such as price, leaving Finley for a long period of time and if it the training would even work. I can now say that after doing the board and train program that it was definitely worth it and I would do it again. Finley now has a solid training base and Jason has provided us with the tools necessary to continue training and it has been working wonderfully.

    Brent P from OakvilleBrent P from OakvilleFinley
  • We had rescued Katana and did not know a ton about her history. She was very attached to me and VERY leash reactive with other dogs and people. I met with Jason, Megan and Kat for an assessment and right away I knew they were going to be great for Katana. They gave an honest and fair assessment of her and recommendations. We did a 4 week board and train and the results....amazing to say the least. They had Katana laying on place while other dogs and people were around, walking calmly on a leash by other dogs, and fantastic recall.

    Katie E from BurlingtonKatie E from Burlington(XL American bulldog)
  • I rescued my dog in Miami not knowing much about him. He had zero training, destructive in my house while I was gone and very reactive with other dogs which became a huge issue with me living in downtown Toronto. He also has a ton of energy that was next to impossible to manage. I reached out to the team and had him in a 4 week board & train where I picked up what I thought was another dog. He no longer lunges at dogs, he listens and understands recall while being much calmer in the house and most importantly he's not chewing my pillows apart.

    Chris G from Downtown TorontoChris G from Downtown TorontoOzzie

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Quarantine Protocols

Our drop off and pick-ups are now contactless as we maintain physical distancing. Before dropping off your dog, we recommend for you to thoroughly sanitize and wipe down all of your dog’s items. When you arrive at our facility, we will have a clean crate already set up and ready for your dog. Wearing gloves, you will put your dog into the crate and place all other items next to it, and you will then proceed back to your vehicle. A staff member will take your dog inside and once again clean all items thoroughly. This same process will happen for picking up your dog.

This is a challenging time for all. It’s important that we take these steps to protect you, our staff and our animals so that we can continue providing a safe environment. By working together, I am confident that we will get through this.