Structured Boarding

Our Structured Boarding program is only offered to previous clients who have completed any of our board and train programs.

This gives your dog a chance to maintain the skills learned during training. We continue to enforce the same rules and boundaries and work on maintaining obedience. Your dog will also be joining in on training sessions with our current board and trains, treadmill, and play time.  This is a great option in place of busy daycares that lack structure, management, training and behaviour knowledge.

Please note: Rate is for minimum stay of 3 nights

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Cost: $70 per day

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  • Jason's love of dogs is apparent and I feel no hesitation in leaving our dog with him for boarding and training. Our plan now is to leave Geddy with him whenever we go on vacation for continuing education.

    Peter K from BurlingtonPeter K from BurlingtonGeddy

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Quarantine Protocols

Our drop off and pick-ups are now contactless as we maintain physical distancing. Before dropping off your dog, we recommend for you to thoroughly sanitize and wipe down all of your dog’s items. When you arrive at our facility, we will have a clean crate already set up and ready for your dog. Wearing gloves, you will put your dog into the crate and place all other items next to it, and you will then proceed back to your vehicle. A staff member will take your dog inside and once again clean all items thoroughly. This same process will happen for picking up your dog.

This is a challenging time for all. It’s important that we take these steps to protect you, our staff and our animals so that we can continue providing a safe environment. By working together, I am confident that we will get through this.