Don’t Give Up on Your Dog Training Goals

Don’t Give Up

Please do NOT give up on your training goals. EVER! If one way isn’t working and you’ve tried it long enough, try another way but don’t give up. Whether you’re training for obedience, modifying your dog’s behaviour or training for some sort of sport, keep your eye on the prize.

There will be rough days, you’ll feel like giving up, you’ll feel like the relationship with your dog just isn’t working but it’s all part of the process. No one dog or owner is perfect and that being said nor is any trainer. We all struggle with dogs one way or the other. You’re not alone!!

If you and your dog are having a bad day, try as best as you can to end it on a good note put him/her away and breathe! Take time to put your focus somewhere else and come back to the training activity another day.