Leash Reactivity & Arousal

Sniffing, marking, pulling, scanning etc are all behaviour modification that can create loading (working itself up), anxiety and a constant state of arousal. Dogs in these states are much more likely to react, have shorter thresholds and are more likely to take action when a trigger (something that causes the dog to react/the dog reacts to) presents itself. A trigger could be another dog, person, cat, squirrel, cars, skateboards, bikes etc.

Process to stop leash reactivity

One of the first things we teach in the process of stopping reactivity is how to walk on a loose leash (heel). Having a loose leash allows your dog to follow your lead and prevents unnecessary stress and arousal through the pressure the collar creates when the dog is pulling. Basically, if you have a dog that constantly pulls, sniffs, scans, marks, and is control of the walks, you are creating/or have created a dog who is in a constant state of arousal.

Teaching the dog a proper “heel” and stopping these behaviour is not a solution for leash reactivity but it is definitely part of one. It will bring the arousal down and allow the dog to make better choices and have a calmer state of mind.

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