Behaviour Modification For Aggressive Dogs

Are you embarrassed every time you take your dog for a walk? Does he lash out at every dog or person he sees? Leash reactivity will only build and get worse through repetition.

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Training Designed to Shape Happy & Obedient Family Pets


  • Build a Healthy Relationship

  • Address All Forms of Unwanted Behaviour

  • Create a Calm & Stable State of Mind

  • Humane & Effective Approaches


Bring A Little Happiness Home

  • LP-BM-4 | Testimonial Section

    ITrainK9 was my 3rd trainer in the 6 months I had him… What seemed impossible, was possible after his board and train. He’s happy, loved, and part of our family. Which is all I wanted for him… The value is unmeasurable, and I recommend iTK9 ALL the time to anyone who listens.

    Melissa Hughes

  • Jason, Megan, Kat and team are noting short of amazing! Athena‘s everyday obedience is superb; she has great impulse control and such amazing calmness to her… Our entire relationship with Athena and our way of living has been shaped for the better. Thank you to iTK9 for helping us and training us to enjoy our dog!

    Mayissa Kitmitto

    LP-BM-4 | Testimonial Section

We Concentrate on a Calm & Stable State of Mind


Prepares your puppy for your family life and work schedule.


Teaches your dog to remain calm, work on minor issues and teach basic on and off leash obedience.


Designed to teach your dog to be calm in all environments.


We improve on any severe issues that you’re dog may have or be exhibiting.

Stop Making Excuses

We are here to educate dog owners on the necessary components to live stress free without the worry of inappropriate behaviour and build a balanced lifestyle with your dog.

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