The Essential Dog And Puppy Training Guide

There are only a few things more exciting than welcoming a new dog to the family! The joy that comes from bringing a furry friend into the family is unmatched, but once they’re home there is some work to be done. Whether you’ve adopted or gone through a breeder, you will need dog training or puppy training for your new best friend. That’s where iTrainK9 comes in! We specialize in dog training and puppy training in Toronto, Milton and the GTA!

If you’ve never had a dog before, then you may be asking why dog training and puppy training are so important, and there are many reasons why. Of course, there are the basics of keeping your house cleaner and your furniture intact, but the main reason is for their own happiness! Dog training and puppy training allows your dog more freedom to run around the house with fewer restrictions on them. The more you can trust your dog to do the right things, the more you can let them run outside, jump on the couch, and be themselves!

Not only are dog training and puppy training important, it’s also important that you find someone who not only trains your dog well but trains your dog with the city and environment you live. While your dog may not need to be as deeply trained as a seeing-eye dog, it’s important for your dog to know where they can and can’t go (for example not running into the street), what snow is, and more! At iTrainK9, we don’t just offer dog training in Toronto, we offer dog training for Toronto!

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Puppy Training

Training your dog as a puppy is ideal (thought possible later in life) to get them started earlier. As with children, puppies are more impressionable the younger they are, and if you’re able to start earlier, you have more time training them and less headache down the road. Puppies can be a lot to handle with their seemingly endless supply of energy and excitement, and with puppy training that energy can be channelled for more fun rather than a disaster! At iTrainK9, our puppy training starts at 10 weeks old, and we’ll get them socializing and exercising early to help them become confident and relaxed.

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Crate Training

Crate training is one of our big services in puppy training and is an important part of giving your dog a happy home life! Inevitably there will be times when you must leave the house and can’t bring them with you. During these times or other situations, you may want to keep them in a crate for a short bit. The earlier you’re able to start crate training, the better. Doing it as a part of your puppy training will make it easier to establish the crate as an area the dog wants to go, rather than somewhere they have to go.

We understand you may be hesitant to give your dog crate training, thinking it may be cruel or unkind, but if done properly it’s actually very positive for your dog. Dogs share a lot in common with people, and often need a place to go where they can be alone and feel safe. Crates offer that for dogs and give them added confidence and security if you show them it’s a positive place. Of course, you don’t just want to get a giant cage or crate and be done with it; dress it up, make it comfortable! Make the crate somewhere your dog wants to be!

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Housebreaking Training

Another aspect of puppy training that we handle at iTrainK9 is housebreaking your puppy. For many new puppy owners, this is their biggest worry as most people, understandably, don’t want their new bundle of joy peeing or pooping all over the house. Dogs have a fast-moving digestive system, meaning they often have to handle their business within 15-30 minutes of eating. As an owner, it’s important to understand that and be prepared to let your dog outside if they don’t have their own way out. On our end of the puppy training, we’ll make sure that your dog understands where it can and can’t go potty. Part of that process is also to teach your dog how to let you know that they need to go outside and go to the bathroom.

Housebreaking a puppy takes a lot of time, patience and positive reinforcement; and that’s exactly what we provide through our puppy training at iTrainK9. We have the experience and care to housebreak your puppy the right way. We know how crucial this can be for a happy home life and we give it the extra care needed. And by using iTrainK9, the synergy of our crate training helping with housebreaking makes for a smoother process and ultimately a happier and confident dog.

Gentleness Training for Puppies

The third main pillar of our puppy training at iTrainK9 is gentleness training. Socializing, whether with other dogs or humans, is a huge part of your dog’s life, and knowing to be gentle is crucial for that socialization. Puppies love to play, and sometimes that playing can get a little out of hand. Through our puppy training program, your puppy will get to socialize with other dogs from Toronto, Milton and the GTA and experience the stimulation of a positive and enjoyable social environment.

We make sure to reward good behaviour and play while making sure not to punish accidents as much as possible. We don’t want to discourage your dog from socializing and playing, that would be very bad for their mental health, but rather teach them the ways they can play safely. At home, we encourage the same, especially if you have children. If they play nicely, reward your dog and make them feel good; and if things get a little out of hand, make sure they know it, but that you aren’t too harsh either.

At iTrainK9, our puppy training for Toronto, Milton and the GTA takes into account the type of environment they’re in and the socialization they may encounter. This is our community too, and as dog owners and lovers ourselves, we want every dog to love and enjoy their lives to the fullest!

Behaviour Modification

Dogs, just like us, have unique personalities and experiences that shape who they are. If you’re adopting, and find your new friend is aggressive and lashes out a lot, or is scared and hesitant to be around you, then there’s generally a good reason for it. We offer one of the most comprehensive and in-depth behaviour modification programs for Toronto, Milton and the GTA.

Identifying the Aggression

Through our behaviour modification program, we aim to identify the reason your dog is aggressive, and then tailor our experience for your particular dog. It’s an unfortunate reality that many dogs are abused, and that can be a root reason why they’re aggressive. They’ve had to learn to defend themselves from the abuse and often develop trust issues moving forward. We’ll use our behavior modification program and dog training to show them they can trust people, and that they’ve now found a loving home.

Motivation for Aggression

As the dog owner, you have the most important job regarding your dog’s behaviour modification. Our dog training will help bring down the dog’s aggression and help them open up, but from there it’s up to you to cultivate that trusting relationship and reinforce it. No matter how well trained a dog is, like humans, they’ll make mistakes. It’s important for dogs who’ve had aggression or abuse issues before to adjust your reprimand accordingly, along with the positive reinforcement. Hug your dog more, pet them more, and when they make mistakes, be understanding. If you show them they can trust you, then the behaviour modification and dog training will go that much further and have that much more impact.


Your dog’s psychology is just as important as any persons, and through our behaviour modification dog training, we’ll replace their negative reactions and behaviour with positive ones that they can learn to implore every time. By acting aggressively, or poorly, your dog is rehearsing bad behaviour, and we need to change that. Our system is thorough and effective, but adaptable to the needs and personality of your dog.

At iTrainK9, our staff has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge dealing with dogs from all backgrounds and levels of aggression or trauma.

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Off Leash Training

While many areas require you to have your dog on a leash, there are times and areas where you can let them roam free, so adding off-leash training to our dog training program was important to us. We want you to be able to let your dog walk around feeling confident, and we want you to be confident as well. It can be scary to let your dog off their leash, as the fear of them running away is real and dangerous, and that’s why our off-leash training is important.

Reliable Recall

The first aspect of any off-leash training should be to make sure you have a reliable recall. Keeping your dog off leash is a trusting bond between owner and dog, and your recall is the core of that trust. There are so many distractions outside, especially in a busy city like Toronto or areas like Milton or the GTA, which makes your dogs ability to understand and respond to your call amongst even the heaviest of distractions is crucial. Through our off-leash training, we’ll gradually provide more and more distractions to your dog, to train them to react and respond to your call no matter the situation.

These distractions are what makes it important to find a trainer, like us here at iTrainK9, who not only know how to professionally administer the dog training but know how tailor it for your area. Remember, as a dog owner it’s important you take the lessons we teach your dog and continue to enforce them. As an owner, we always advise you to make sure your call is audible and projected, stern but welcoming. You can’t have your dog off leash without a reliable recall, which is why we put so much emphasis on it in our off-leash training.

Once we’ve established a reliable recall through dog training with your dog, the next step in our off leash training is to establish a cycle of frequent check-ins. Of course, it’s important for your dog to react and respond to you directly, but conversely, it’s important that your dog stays engaged and comes back on their own as well. By establishing a routine of check-ins, it further builds the trust bond between you and your dog and helps make the outside distractions discussed earlier have even less impact.

Frequent Check ins

Our off-leash training will teach your dog to regularly check in with so that you always have a level of control. As with every aspect of our dog training, it’s important for you to continue to reinforce the good habits they’ve developed at home. Rewarding your dog with a smaller reward every time they check-in continues to make it a happy experience for them, one that they’ll want to maintain.

Through recall and check-ins our off-leash training has established how to keep communication and trust between you and your dog, but if not handled properly this could also lead to your dog fighting when you need to put the leash on. Part of our dog training will be to teach them to enjoy being on the leash as much as they enjoy being off it.

When to leash up

During Dog training and off-leash training you have to take into account the surroundings and potential dangers you and your dog may encounter. That’s why at iTrainK9 we’ve made sure to specialize not just in premier and reliable dog training. Your dog’s safety is our top priority, and we want you to feel confident after our off-leash training to take your dogs on walks knowing you can call them back without issues, they’ll check-in with you frequently, and if you need to get them back on the leash you won’t have any problems!

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Puppy Foundation Training

While some of the specific details of the training may be different, puppy foundation training can be a huge help when it comes to off leash training as well. Puppy foundation training is what it sounds like, you’re building the foundation of your puppy through forms of agility and body awareness training. This helps build a solid foundation of movement for your puppy, helps stabilize their coordination, builds confidence, and further develops the dog and human bonding. Through puppy foundation training, the movement training and development of the dog and human bond ends up helping with off-leash training.

Through puppy foundation training, your dog is learning to take commands, move without a leash, and follow direction. All of these are core essentials to off-leash training. While we’re able to go more in-depth through our off-leash training program, which we recommend waiting until your dog is at least 6 months for the more advanced training like learning to love being on-leash, puppy foundation training is a great starting block for the rest of our dog training and for your dog’s life.

We know that all this information about dog training and puppy training is a lot to take in, and this has only scratched the service. Dog training and puppy training is so important, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing the most reliable and consistent dog training and puppy training. We’re passionate about dogs and the community, and want every dog and dog owner in Toronto, Milton and the GTA to be confident and comfortable in their surroundings.

When looking for dog training or puppy training you want trainers you can count on to treat your dogs like a member of their own family, and you want trainers who can help teach you how to reinforce their training so that long after they’re done, your dog will be happy, strong, confident and consistent. At iTrainK9, we offer all that and more! Our mission is to be the top providers of dog training and puppy training in Toronto, Milton and the GTA!

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