The Negatives of “All Positive” Dog Training – Myths About Correcting Bad Dog Behaviour

There is so much misinformation on the internet about the “all positive” movement. Sure it sounds awesome, especially with how soft society has become. The thing is, positive reinforcement alone doesn’t help with correcting bad dog behaviour.

There’s a reason why our clients dogs are happier, calmer, less or no longer aggressive, fearful, nervous etc. The majority of our clients have first tried all positive training but it didn’t work and left them frustrated with much emptier pockets.

These “all positive” people continue to talk badly about the tools that balanced trainers use, such as the e collar, prong collar etc. However, these people also have no idea how to use these tools and don’t have the proper knowledge about them in the first place.

Some myths about the prong/e-collar for correcting bad dog behaviour are:

  1. Myth: The e collar will leave burns on the dogs neck.
    Fact: This is not true as the e collar does NOT generate heat.
  2. Myth: The e collar makes dog fearful for life.
    Fact: when used properly it actually increases a dogs confidence because they learn how to control themselves in different situations.
  3. Myth: The e collar electrocutes dogs.
    Fact: The e collar is the exact same stimulation as a tens unit used at physiotherapy.
  4. Myth: E collars make dogs more aggressive.
    Fact: This can be true when used with poor timing. When used properly with precise timing and proper stimulation levels, dogs become less aggressive because they are prompted to use a different option rather than reacting. This has been found to help stop a dog from biting.
  5. Myth: Prong collar put holes in dogs necks.
    Fact: This can be true if you leave the collar on for weeks and let an infection develop. When it is used and fitted properly, this isn’t possible.

The list goes on and on, but realizes this; any tool can be misused in the hands of the wrong person including a flat collar, head halter, choke chain, harness etc. Yes, a flat collar.

If these “all positive” individuals were so good at training and knew what was best for your dog, why are so many dog owners still struggling after their programs? It is because they lack overall knowledge of how dogs actually learn. They don’t understand how to use proper aversive tools and don’t understand proper use of punishment which in fact is necessary in all animal learning.

Positive reinforcement is not the problem. Most balanced trainers (those who know what they’re doing) actually use many positive training methods. However, they also use negative and positive punishment, which is the reason they are able to stop unwanted behaviour, improve the dogs state of mind and build better human-dog relationships.

Misinformation about dog training

There is a ton of Misinformation about dog training that is used for marketing to take your money. It can be overwhelming at times. The only thing that we want you to ask yourself is this: how is giving your dog treats and never teaching him what “no” means, ever going to Stop a dog from biting, snarling, growling, lunging, fighting, jumping, peeing in the house etc.? Just saying “no” with no punishment after doesn’t work.

Whatever trainer you end up going to, we hope you understand why it did or why it didn’t work out when it comes to what was taught to your dog.

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