The Reality Of E-Collars

The Truth Of The E-Collar

The Truth Of E-Collars

When used properly, an e-collar will not hurt your dog. It is completely subject to user skill and judgment.

Most dogs respond to e-collar training on the lowest level of stimulation which is hardly recognizable by humans. We use it to create a light sensation on a low level that they can barely feel.

Can An E-Collar Hurt A Dog?

Absolutely, just like any other tool including a flat collar, harness, martingale, etc. An e-collar is a training tool which means that in the wrong hands it can be abused. An e-collar is no different from a leash in terms of use and potential for abuse. The individual with the remote is fully responsible for proper training and conditioning. The only reason e collars have a bad reputation is because of uneducated and uninformed individuals or abusive dog trainers.

When e collar training is done right, it can achieve amazing results such as increased confidence and relaxation, relieving anxiety, achieving high levels of obedience and creating a better state of mind.