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Welcome To iTk9

We give you and your dog the tools needed for a positive lifestyle change.

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DOG training

At iTK9, we firmly believe in the power of balanced dog training to achieve exceptional results. Our approach includes a wide range of techniques and tools, forming the basis of a comprehensive and tailored training program.

Effective communication plays a central role in our balanced training method. This focus leads to improved obedience and responsiveness, making dogs more adaptable to different situations and commands.

We understand that each dog is unique, with its own needs and personality. That's why we take great care to customize our training approach to meet the specific requirements of every canine companion.

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Accredited Trainers

iTK9 trainers undergo extensive education and training through our comprehensive certificate programs, ensuring their expertise and proficiency. These programs are built upon core principles that foster a strong and unified unit within our organization.

Industry Leaders

iTK9 has established itself as a distinguished industry leader renowned for its exceptional training expertise, remarkable long-term outcomes, comprehensive education, and unwavering support.

Certified & Insured

iTK9 takes great pride in its affiliation with the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and maintains comprehensive insurance coverage through PROfur Insurance, a specialized provider in the field.

Commitment To Quality

At iTK9, our priority is delivering exceptional service, tangible results, and unwavering support to meet your individual needs. We are committed to equipping you with the necessary tools to drive positive change within your home environment.

Experience & Education

At iTK9, we prioritize the crucial processes and skills that contribute to each dog's success. Our commitment to innovation, education, and adherence to core foundations ensures continuous growth and achievement.

Holistic Approach

At iTK9, we adopt a comprehensive, holistic approach, recognizing that successful dog training necessitates a thorough assessment and profound comprehension of their physical, emotional, and social well-being.


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Jason Wright

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The well-being of your dog takes precedence above all else. Our facility boasts secure enclosures, and our team of certified professionals, well-versed in canine behaviour, ensures a safe environment.

In addition to implementing industry safety standards, we conduct regular health checks to guarantee the overall well-being of every dog entrusted to our care. This commitment extends beyond mere security, providing your dog with a comfortable and health-conscious atmosphere.


Our board & train programs are guaranteed to show positive change by allowing iTK9 trainers access to your dog 24/7 and take them away from any reinforcement and environment which may be aiding bad behaviour.

6 Month Unlimited

8 Week Program

Experience the best of both worlds with a fully trained, obedient dog, ensuring boundless joy and serenity in every aspect of your life together.

Operation Freedom

4 Week Program

Achieve the freedom and peace of mind you've always wanted with a dog that exhibits impeccable, fully reliable off-leash obedience, making every outing a joyous adventure.

The Great Reset

3 Week Program

Experience a total transformation with our "Great Reset" program, designed to address a wide range of behavioral issues and bring out the best in your dog.

The Puppy Blueprint

3 Week Program

Witness your puppy flourish as they master place, sit, down, recall, and more, ensuring a solid foundation for a harmonious future together.

2 Week Shortcut

2 Week Program

Transform your dog into the well-behaved companion you've always dreamed of with our comprehensive training program.


    At iTK9, our core principles are the foundational elements that help us achieve the pack-like unit we are today. Essential to each dog's success are the processes and skills we have established over the years and will continue to provide to our clients and team.


    We are committed to providing the highest quality service, results, and support to meet the individual needs of our clients.


    We aim to communicate effectively and always find a way to achieve the best results.


    We operate on a strong moral foundation and pride ourselves on the honesty and accountability we hold true.

    Team Work

    The best results are achieved only when we work as a team. Together we share a mutual respect and a client-centered approach.


    As industry leaders we are driven and dedicated to our core values while upholding the highest level of dog training expertise.


    We are devoted to the success of our clients and remain true to our expertise and training methods.


    Our culture is built on the premise of respect, helpfulness, compassion, and postive attitudes.


    We are dedicated to providing a community that inspires growth, support, and happy homes.

    Why itk9 is the right choice

    We are committed to ensuring dog owners' success by emphasizing education, support, unwavering dedication and a personalized training experience.

    At iTK9, our proven processes and honed skills, developed over the years, ensure the success of every dog we work with. Our methods result in improved obedience, enhanced communication, and a better overall state of mind for your dog, ultimately leading to a well-behaved pet capable of making wise choices in any situation.

    Our mission is to create a calm and stable state of mind, fostering a healthy, balanced lifestyle for you and your dog.

    we guarantee positive change.

    iTK9 programs fill up fast. iTK9 programs fill up fast. Contact us to reserve your spot today!