About Us

We create a lifestyle for you and your dog, and teach your dog how to live with you.

That’s why at ITrainK9 dogs live in a home-like setting and experience life the same as they do at home.

All our training programs are board and train, which means that dogs stay with us for the 4-week training. At the end your dog is fully trained to fit your busy lifestyle, and you are equipped with tools and strategies to ensure a comfortable life for your dog and your family.

At iTrainK9 our goal is to provide obedience and behaviour modification training for you and your pet through our continued education and expertise.

Our training is completely individualized and designed to shape your pet into a happy, obedient and well balanced family companion. We will teach you how to continue training, encourage calm and relaxed behavior, and how to maintain a healthy relationship with your pet.

Let us show you what your pet is capable of. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results we can achieve.

At iTrainK9, we believe that it is imperative that dogs have routine and structure in their lives. Lack of this structure contributes to stress and anxiety, as it does for people.

When a dog is anxious and stressed the following unwanted behaviours present themselves:
leash reactivity towards other dogs, people, bikes, skateboards and cars etc., separation anxiety, jumping on people, counter surfing, resource guarding, human aggression, pulling on leash, obsessive barking/chewing and many more.

We believe that all training should start with a good foundation. A good understanding of the routine along with the appropriate exercise will significantly reduce the behaviours associated with stress and anxiety. We use a variety of motivational techniques depending on your dog’s individual needs. The majority of our training concentrates on creating a calm and stable state of mind which in turn produces a dog that will make better choices.

We at iTraink9 are here to educate dog owners on the necessary components to live stress free without the worry of inappropriate behaviour and build a balanced lifestyle with your dog.

  • About US | Our Team

    Jason (Founder)

    Jason founded iTrainK9 with the goal to help troubled and misguided dogs and their owners. People come to him for answers to their concerns about their dogs. He has worked with and learned a variety of techniques from many different professional dog trainers. Jason is a certified Professional Dog Trainer through the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and continues to educate himself on all aspects of dog training and behaviour modification and is committed to improving the lives of dog owners by providing calm and well-mannered canines that become loved family members.  He has a keen understanding of dog behaviour and their body language and uses multiple techniques to train them. He works with all breeds and is continuing to educate owners on his very successful and unique board and train programs.

  • About US | Our Team


    Megan is an iTrainK9 Trainer who started working with dogs in the veterinary industry. She learned that she has a strong passion for dogs and wanted to gain an understanding of how to deal with dogs with behaviour issues. She is certified in pet first aid and CPR. After going through an intensive apprenticeship training period under Jason, Megan has become a knowledgeable trainer and continues to increase her understanding about the ins and outs of caring for and training dogs with a variety of behaviour issues.

Ready to create a lifestyle for you and your dog?