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Cheap Dog Training Programs

By Jason Wright

October 20, 2021

Looking For Affordable Dog Training?

It’s tempting to find the least expensive option when you are searching for a product or service. In our experience, dog owners share the same sentiment when searching for a trainer. On average, our clients have seen 3 trainers before they come to us. So, it needs to be asked – how do you assess if a dog training program is affordable?

We understand that training your dog may not have been an expense you were expecting. However, the frustration and negative consequences of training your dog with the cheapest option could far out way the cost of quality dog training services. As alluded to above, choosing a poor trainer could end up costing you more in the long run.

The Benefits of a Cheaper Trainer

If you know some benefits of cheap dog training, please let us know. You will end up spending more time and money on your dog in the long run if they are not trained properly.

Dog Board & Train Programs

Bottom line, board and train programs are more expensive. Understanding why can help you make the right decision when it comes to your dog’s training.

It Takes Time

It can take a dog 2-3 days to settle into new environments and start to form a trust with a new person. Although a lot can be accomplished in those 2-3 days, new and longer lasting behaviour changes will start to form in the sessions following the initial intro and assessments. Your dog may be away from home longer than other options but they will come back a better companion.

Breaking Old Habits

Having your dog with a professional trainer 24 hours a day will ensure behaviour modification is occurring correctly and new habits are being instilled properly. If your dog is going home at the end of the day and allowing to fall into old habits, it will simply see the professional training environment as the place to behave and home as a place without the structure or rules.

Environment Matters

Board and train facilities with more than one trainer on staff allow you dog to receive commands and corrections from multiple individuals. This helps solidify training as your dog doesn’t just see one person as the person they must listen to. Further, training your dog in multiple locations gives them the needed practice of obeying their handler with different distractions presented.

Every Dog is Different

Taking time to get to know how your dog acts throughout the day and over longer periods of time allow for the training to become better customized to their needs. Every dog is different and as such, their training needs to be tailored to allow a better adoption of a happy and obedient lifestyle.

Follow Up & Take-Home Material

Dog training does not end when you take your dog home. The benefits of a well-structured training program should include take home material and follow up. You need to know how to act around your dog to help it achieve the results you want to see in them. Cheaper training options often end the second you step out the door.

Is the Trainer Trustworthy and Worth their Fee?

Making the investment into a more costly training program for your dog should not be taken lightly. We urge you to research their rankings on some more of the popular rating platforms such as Google and Facebook. If they are a newer program, it would be best to ask for referrals and any qualifications the trainers may have. In regard to board and train programs, we have written another blog which outlines choosing the right board and train program for you. In the end, you will save money and have a happier family when you choose a dog training program based on outcome rather than cost.

The iTK9 Way

We do not sugar coat things at iTK9. We will tell you exactly what it will take to get your dog to the place you need it to be to maintain a happy household. We are not the cheapest option out there, but we are the best. This is because we put in the time and effort needed, we have some of the best staff and facilities in the industry and we continue to work with you past the initial training to make sure your dog’s behaviour changes maintain over the long run.

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