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How To Deal With Separation Anxiety

By Jason Wright

October 11, 2018

First, no matter how much physical activity you do with your dog, it will not help fix separation anxiety. Instead, it may make the problem worse because you are now turning your dog into an athlete who will need more and more physical activity. We highly recommend having your dog exercising daily; it just isn’t a solution for this specific problem.If you struggle with separation anxiety, especially when you’re not home, and everything you have tried has failed you need to use a bark collar-not citronella. Since we can’t correct the dog with an e collar when we are not home, the bark collar will do the correcting for us. High end bark collars use a vibration (marker) and then a stim to follow to help make it clear to the dog what it is being corrected for. Most high-end bark collars come with very easy to follow instructions on how the system works and how to use it correctly, starting on a very low level so the dog understand every time it barks it will immediately feel discomfort.

Is using a bark collar cruel?

For those of you to say a bark collar is cruel, it is not. Cruel would be to allow the dog to continue to live in the chaotic state of mind that it is in. Cruel is giving your dog drugs. Cruel is when you have to take the dog to the shelter because you can’t deal with it anymore, just to struggle with another family and eventually be put down because you failed to give the dog crucial information. Not only will the bark collar stop the issue, it will improve the dog’s state of mind and allow the dog to settle.The bark collar isn’t the only solution. YOU need to be part of the solution. Being an owner with a dog that struggles with this issue, there needs to be rules and boundaries and a complete structure change in the home. This means, the cuddling stops, sleeping in your bed and watching movies on the couch stops, giving your dog praise for no reason stops, not using high pitched voices when you come home or making a big deal about it when you leave (giving the dog kisses etc). Crating the dog while your home, grabbing your keys and putting your shoes on but staying home instead of leaving are also part of the solution. Make being in the crate part of the dogs daily routine and while you’re home!This is a start and part of the solution for solving separation anxiety. Yes, it is through an aversive tool but we would much rather a dog who is calm and under control then in a chaotic state of mind and panicking because it doesn’t have its owner to lean on. There are too many spoiled, stressed and anxious dogs who don’t know how to “be” on their own. This is a go to solution that should stop barking almost immediately. A solution that will keep dogs out of shelters, it will teach dogs not to live in their own head. It is a solution that will teach the dog to remain calm, it will keep the household quiet and the neighbours happy.Please remember, this is only PART of the solution. If you are struggling with major separation anxiety and this method doesn’t work, you will need to send your dog to dog training classes.

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