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Is it Okay to Send Your Dog Away For Training?

By Jason Wright

December 5, 2022

The Most Effective Way to Train Your Dog

There are different methods of dog training; board & train, private, group, virtual, or do-it-yourself, some of which you likely have already tried. You may have found the training didn’t stick, noticed behaviour changes and bad habits have returned, or maybe you’re new to dog training and are shopping around for the best training style for you and your dog. You’ve likely entertained the idea of a Board & Train program and are unsure if sending your dog away for basic obedience training is necessary. While some may think that Board & Train is only for dogs with severe behavioural issues, we can assure you it is the most diverse and effective training method. Board & Train programs allow for comprehensive training and a more tailored experience.

What to Expect When Your Dog is Away

Your dog will be learning, and so will you! Our team of trainers works with your dog for a prolonged period of time to understand the intricacies of your dog's needs and concerns. During this time, we provide you with education, communication & support, so you have the tools to transition at home and have peace of mind knowing your dog is in good hands. Here’s what you can expect when your dog is away:

  • Your Dog is Training Daily: Our iTK9 team will be working with your dog 24/7, which takes them away from any reinforcement and environment which may be aiding bad behaviour. Our training involves building a balanced relationship with your dog, teaching reliable obedience, incorporating new structures, unlearning poor habits and learning new healthy habits.
  • Exposure to New Environments & Socialization: Your dog will be trained in multiple environments alongside other dogs and triggers to allow for better socialization and progress. These practices help your dog adapt to new behavioural patterns while developing confidence, self-esteem and independence.
  • Health & Wellness Screening: We thoroughly screen your dog on a daily basis to ensure your dog maintains good health throughout the duration of the program. 
  • Updates & Trainer Support: We send you progress videos and photos of your dog and access to our training team for any questions or concerns. 
  • Owner Education: We provide you with educational resources, instructional training videos and in-person lessons to ensure you have the tools to easily implement the behaviour and obedience learned when your dog returns home. 

Concerns About Sending Your Dog Away

It is common for owners to have concerns about sending their dogs away, concerns we often address with our clients. We get it; your dogs mean the world to you as they do to us. At iTK9, we take a holistic approach to each dog’s health by nurturing the well-being of your dog’s mind and body. Some common concerns owners have when considering a Board & Train program are:

  1. How Will My Dog Be Treated? We treat every dog with respect, care, compassion, love and commitment. We want your dog to feel as they do at home, comfortable and cared for. Our team is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment.
  1. Is My Dog Going to Remember Me? Yes, of course! Your dog will not only remember you, but once you implement the new structure and lifestyle at home, they will trust, respect and love you much more than before.
  1. Will My Dog’s Personality Change? Your dog’s unique personality won’t change while away in our care. Instead, you will find your dog has become the best version of itself. If your dog is playful, it will still be playful but in a more calm and controlled way.
  1. Will My Dog Regress At Home? When your dog returns home, the training will continue, and it is essential to stay committed and apply the training to your daily routine to prevent regression. We provide you with educational courses, instructional videos, trainer support, and access to our members-only community so that you can continue successfully training your dog at home.

Foundations For Success

At iTK9, our training is completely individualized and designed to shape your pet into a happy, obedient, well-balanced family companion. Our mission is to teach you how to continue training, encourage calm and relaxed behaviour, and maintain a healthy relationship with your pet. Essential to our program's success are the core values, processes and skills we have established over the years that are guaranteed to drive positive change and shape your dog into one that is happy, confident, attentive and feels good! 

The iTK9 Way: Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

At iTK9, Board & Train programs last anywhere from 2 - 8+ weeks. Our team of professionals are fully committed to helping you improve your relationship with your dog through behaviour and obedience training and continued learning. We do the hard work for you to attain a happy home and a healthy relationship with your pet.

Included in all of our programs are the following;

  1. In-Person Learning: Midway progress training video, two go-home lessons.
  1. Online Learning: Owner education course, instructional training videos, iTK9 member community, e-books & additional training resources.
  1. Owner Support: Photo updates of your dog training with our team and access to our team for questions & support.

Sending your dog away for training is the best decision you can make to guarantee lasting positive change. If you are interested in learning more about our Board & Train programs, contact us today to see how we can help you and your dog build the foundations for success.

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