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Should I Get a Dog?

By Jason Wright

August 12, 2021

How to Decide If You Should Get a Dog

There are many things to think about and to prepare for before getting a dog whether it is from a breeder or is a rescue.

Getting a dog is a major commitment for the dogs entire life! Some of the areas I will be discussing are finances, space, training and commitment. It is important to understand what it takes before being impulsive and getting puppy because “its cute”.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Dog

Do You Have the Time?

Having enough time to educate yourself, train your dog and provide him with the proper lifestyle is crucial. Without the appropriate amount of time giving your dog these 3 things can be detrimental to you and your dogs life.

Potty training

Potty training takes time, consistency, and patience. When bringing a puppy into a home one of the first things to consider is showing him where to go potty. This will require your constant attention and an education in crate training which goes hand in hand when potty training. Potty training can go rather smoothy and sometimes take up to 6 months depending on your dog. Accidents in your home are likely to happen and along with potty training, ensuring a clean yard and household are crucial.

Do You Have Enough Money?

Finances! Are you financially stable? We hope so because owning a dog isn’t cheap. Some of the expenses that come with owning a dog that are a must are:

  1. Dog trainer to educate you and your dog to have a healthy relationship.
  2. Training tools-leash, collar, dog bed
  3. Your trainer should also teach your dog how to remain neutral around distractions
  4. How to properly greet guests
  5. How to walk on a leash
  6. This is an extremely short list of what your dog should learn. You and your dog should be training every single day! Do you have the time?
  7. Dog walker or sitter to let your dog out while you're at work
  8. Dog food
  9. Vaccinations, regular vet visits and unexpected vet visits which can be very pricey.
  10. Boarding or daycare for when you go on vacation. Yes, if you want to travel and you cannot bring your dog you will have to pay a daily fee for a facility to keep your dog until you come home.

Do You Have the Space?

Depending on the size or breed of your dog you may have to invest in a bigger yard to allow for more space. If you can’t then you must walk or exercise your dog to meet his physical and mental needs. Not once a week but every single day your dog should get outside of the house to train or exercise. This is especially true for those who choose to get working breeds and live in small apartments. Pent up energy will only cause a variety of unwanted behaviour issues.

Are You Ready to Commit?

If you are deeply committed to your dog for its life, you must have patience while it learns, grows, and adjusts to the world we live in. This is an ongoing process for your dog’s entire life - it does not end. You will have to commit to 8-16 years of this new lifestyle.

Remember, when you get a dog, you are now obligated to providing that dog with a properly balanced life. If you don’t have time, space, knowledge, or the finances to, then please do yourself and the dog a favour and do not get it.

The iTK9 Way

We deal with dogs of every level of obedience and age. We also educate all owners on how to live with their dogs properly and successfully. We know how important it is to provide a solid communication system and create a proper relationship with their dogs.

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