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The Essential Puppy Training Guide

By Jason Wright

April 6, 2020

Puppy Training Guide

Training your dog as a puppy is ideal (thought possible later in life) to get them started earlier. As with children, puppies are more impressionable the younger they are, and if you’re able to start earlier, you have more time training them and less headache down the road. Puppies can be a lot to handle with their seemingly endless supply of energy and excitement, and with puppy training that energy can be channeled for more fun rather than a disaster! At iTrainK9, our puppy training starts at 10 weeks old, and we’ll get them socializing and exercising early to help them become confident and relaxed.

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Crate Training

Crate training is one of our big services in puppy training and is an important part of giving your dog a happy home life! Inevitably there will be times when you must leave the house and can’t bring them with you. During these times or other situations, you may want to keep them in a crate for a short bit. The earlier you’re able to start crate training, the better. Doing it as a part of your puppy training will make it easier to establish the crate as an area the dog wants to go, rather than somewhere they have to go.

We understand you may be hesitant to give your dog crate training, thinking it may be cruel or unkind, but if done properly it’s actually very positive for your dog. Dogs share a lot in common with people, and often need a place to go where they can be alone and feel safe. Crates offer that for dogs and give them added confidence and security if you show them it’s a positive place. Of course, you don’t just want to get a giant cage or crate and be done with it; dress it up, make it comfortable! Make the crate somewhere your dog wants to be!

Housebreaking Training

Another aspect of puppy training that we handle at iTrainK9 is housebreaking your puppy. For many new puppy owners, this is their biggest worry as most people, understandably, don’t want their new bundle of joy peeing or pooping all over the house. Dogs have a fast-moving digestive system, meaning they often have to handle their business within 15-30 minutes of eating. As an owner, it’s important to understand that and be prepared to let your dog outside if they don’t have their own way out. On our end of the puppy training, we’ll make sure that your dog understands where it can and can’t go potty. Part of that process is also to teach your dog how to let you know that they need to go outside and go to the bathroom.

Housebreaking a puppy takes a lot of time, patience and positive reinforcement; and that’s exactly what we provide through our puppy training at iTrainK9. We have the experience and care to housebreak your puppy the right way. We know how crucial this can be for a happy home life and we give it the extra care needed. And by using iTrainK9, the synergy of our crate training helping with housebreaking makes for a smoother process and ultimately a happier and confident dog.

Gentleness Training for Puppies

The third main pillar of our puppy training at iTrainK9 is gentleness training. Socializing, whether with other dogs or humans, is a huge part of your dog’s life, and knowledge to be gentle is crucial for that socialization. Puppies love to play, and sometimes that playing can get a little out of hand. Through our puppy training program, your puppy will get to socialize with other dogs from Toronto, Milton, and the GTA and experience the stimulation of a positive and enjoyable social environment.

We make sure to reward good behaviour and play while making sure not to punish accidents as much as possible. We don’t want to discourage your dog from socializing and playing, that would be very bad for their mental health, but rather teach them the ways they can play safely. At home, we encourage the same, especially if you have children. If they play nicely, reward your dog and make them feel good; and if things get a little out of hand, make sure they know it, but that you aren’t too harsh either.

At iTrainK9, our puppy training for Toronto, Milton, and the GTA takes into account the type of environment they’re in and the socialization they may encounter. This is our community too, and as dog owners and lovers ourselves, we want every dog to love and enjoy their lives to the fullest!

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