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Things You Should Look For In A Dog Trainer

By Jason Wright

November 4, 2019

Price & Time

Should cost be your first concern when training your dog?

Your dog will be a very strong presence and close companion in your life for the next ten to fifteen years. Is it really worth paying the least amount and getting the lowest of quality service? That’s like cheaping out on your child’s education.

Unfortunately, most of the clients we have first gone to the cheaper option, and guess what, they didn’t see results, there wasn’t any follow up or support, and some were kicked out. Kicked out? Yup, your dog can be kicked out if it offers negative behaviours at most dog training companies. Kind of ridiculous isn’t it. Aren’t they supposed to teach your dog how to behave? You would think so.

In this day and age, everyone wants the quickest results at the cheapest cost and in dog training, it is NOT the way to go. In this industry, you truly do get what you pay for.

The average amount of trainers our clients see before our company is three. THREE trainers!!!

Should the amount of time you send your dog away be a concern?

For many it certainly is. Owners usually have developed an unhealthy relationship with their dogs just because they weren’t told or taught how to properly live with one. We don’t blame you but will teach you how.

From experience, dogs usually take 2-3 days to fully settle in during our board and trains. Will they miss you? Probably not. They are so in tune with training and their new structure they won’t have time to. We teach them how to be strong, independent and confident.

We understand not having your dog for weeks can be hard. But it will never compare to how hard a life of behavior issues will be or a dog that doesn’t obey any of your commands. Dogs have and will destroy households, relationships, and families.

Take the emotion out of the equation and think logically when think about sending your dog to a trainer. A month without your dog and then a dog that behaves for the next 10-15 years (with your continued effort of course) or a dog who is unruly and destroying your house, personal relationships and family over the course of its life.

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