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What to Expect During a Board & Train Program

By Jason Wright

November 25, 2022

What are Board & Train Programs?

Ask any of our clients, and they will all agree; our Board & Train programs are the most effective way to train your dog and change their behaviour. This method of dog training allows our professional trainers complete access to your dog to work on unlearning and re-learning new habits, teaching and improving obedience, and providing your dog with the proper socialization. This helps to ensure positive change in your dog's behaviour and improves the relationship and communication between you and your dog.

Benefits of Our Board & Train Programs

Our Board & Train programs are guaranteed to show positive change as we can be with your dog for a prolonged period to learn the intricacies of your concerns. Our team addresses your dog's behavioural issues by building a balanced relationship, incorporating new structure, and showing your dog how to manage stress and make better choices. We implement a wholistic approach to our training by focusing on the mind and body of each dog. We also provide you with the transitional tools and support you need to be successful at home.  

Proven Training Methods

With operant conditioning, the focus is simple; show your dog that certain behaviours can have positive or adverse reactions. When a command is completed or a trick is performed, praise can be given to encourage your pet. However, if poor behaviour occurs, initiating a balance of corrections or consequences is necessary so that your dog can understand that these actions are unacceptable. It is important to establish a leadership role to help reinforce a happy and obedient lifestyle for your dog.

Environmental Exposure & Socialization Skills

Our Board & Train programs allow iTK9 trainers access to your dog 24/7 and take them away from any reinforcement and environment which may be aiding bad behaviour. Training can occur in multiple environments alongside other dogs and triggers to allow for better socialization and progress. These practices help your dog adapt to new behavioural patterns while developing confidence, self-esteem and independence. 

Education & Support

At iTK9, we are fully committed to helping our clients drive lasting positive change with educational resources and trainer support. In addition to in-person learning, we provide you with an online learning platform equipped with structured course content, instructional training videos, helpful training tips and access to a community of owners like you. We also provide consistent communication, progress updates, follow-up lessons and classes and access to our training team so that you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

Is an iTK9 Board & Train Program Right for You?

Does your dog pull you down the street and react to other dogs and animals? Or maybe your dog hasn't been properly socialized (especially post-pandemic) and is generally nervous in new environments? Did you get a new puppy for your family and don’t know where to start?

We do the hard work for you to attain a happy home and a healthy relationship with your pet. The positive changes we make bars none to any other training program. Our programs are designed to transform your dog into one that is happy, confident, attentive, and feels good!

What is Included in Our Board & Train Programs?

Every dog that goes through one of our programs is trained in different environments to ensure that behaviour is significantly improved and generalized. Your dog will Board & Train with our iTK9 trainers for a few weeks, depending on the right program selected for you and your dog. It's important to understand that every dog will require a slightly different approach as each dog’s needs are uniquely their own. With each program, we provide our clients access to additional resources that help drive positive change that lasts.

  1. In-Person Learning: Midway progress training video, 2 go-home lessons, & monthly refresher classes.
  2. Online Learning: Owner education course, instructional training videos, iTK9 member community, & additional training resources.
  3. Owner Support: Photo updates of your dog training with our team, & access to our team for questions & support.

What Does Life Look Like After Our Board & Train Programs? 

  • Enjoyable walks on a loose leash without the worry of poor behaviour
  • No more uncontrolled barking or jumping at or on guests
  • A calm household with a dog that understands its role
  • A dog who listens and wants to perform

Are You, Serious, About Training Your Dog?

Time and effort are needed to effectively train your dog and it is important that you are 100% dedicated to establishing a healthy state of mind for your pet. We are here to provide your dog with a safe environment to become a better version of themselves. If you're serious about changing your dog's lifestyle for the better, you're in the right spot.
If you are interested in learning more or enrolling in our Board & Train programs, Contact our team to find the right program for you & your dog.

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