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Why iTK9 Prioritizes Board and Train Programs

By Jason Wright

March 20, 2024

Whether you’re a new dog owner or have cared for a few pets, it’s always important to find a training program so you can work with and train your dog. This not only allows for proper behaviour from your dog but also lowers the chance of accidents or mishaps. 

 In dog training services, finding an effective method that will allow you to see results with your pet and give you the proper tools is crucial. This way, you can continue training and working with your dog once their training has been completed; building that harmonious bond is crucial. 

At iTK9, we firmly believe in the transformative power of Board and Train programs. In this blog post, we'll explore why Board and Train stand out among other services, the advantages it offers dogs and their owners, and why iTK9 has chosen to specialize in this approach.

The Advantages of Board and Train:

Board and train programs offer quite a few advantages. If you’re unfamiliar with this approach or have always wondered why so many owners select these types of programs, the following list will help showcase why. 

  1. Comprehensive Immersion: One of the distinctive advantages of Board and Train is the ability for experienced trainers to live with the dogs during their training period. This immersive experience allows us, the trainers, to deeply understand each dog's behaviour, triggers, and personality quirks. By living alongside them, we can comprehensively address every aspect of their training needs, creating personalized training programs that will be incredibly effective for the dog and their owner.
  2. Effortless Ownership: We understand that pet owners lead busy lives, often juggling multiple responsibilities. Board and Train relieve them of the time-consuming burden of training by allowing us at iTK9 to do the hard work for them. Owners can entrust their pets to our capable hands, knowing they will return home with the foundational skills and behaviours necessary for a harmonious relationship. Once your dog returns home, the work must continue; however, your pet will be in a better place, understanding commands and showcasing proper behaviour.
  3. Empowering Owners: While we take on the primary responsibility of training during the Board and Train program, we also emphasize the importance of involving owners in the process. We empower owners to reinforce positive behaviours and maintain consistency at home through regular updates and post-training education sessions. This involvement ensures the training results are sustainable long after the program concludes.

Why iTK9 Chooses Board and Train:

At iTK9, our commitment to excellence in dog training is unwavering. We have focused exclusively on Board and Train programs because we firmly believe in their efficacy and numerous benefits for dogs and owners.

By immersing ourselves in the dogs' environment, we can provide a level of personalized attention and care that sets our programs apart. Our experienced trainers are dedicated to understanding each dog's unique needs and tailoring their training approach accordingly.

Moreover, Board and Train allow us to alleviate the stress and burden of training on pet owners' shoulders. We recognize the challenges of balancing work, family, and other commitments, which prevent owners from taking a consistent and knowledgeable approach to working with their pets. Though the work continues once your pet returns home, we are here to build those foundational behaviours and correct poor behaviour as seamlessly and hassle-free as possible.

Our emphasis on involving owners in the training process reflects our commitment to fostering lasting partnerships between pets and their owners. Education is key to maintaining the training results over time, and we are dedicated to equipping owners with the knowledge and skills they need to support their pets' ongoing development.

What Board and Train is Like at iTK9

At iTK9, our Board and Train programs are designed to provide a comprehensive training experience that addresses all aspects of a dog's behaviour and obedience. Upon arrival, each dog undergoes a thorough assessment to identify their unique training needs.

Throughout their stay, dogs engage in structured training sessions, socialization activities, and behaviour modification exercises under the guidance of our experienced trainers. Our programs are tailored to accommodate dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments, ensuring that each pet receives the individualized attention they deserve.

Additionally, we prioritize communication and transparency throughout the training process. Owners receive regular updates on their pet's progress and are invited to participate in follow-up sessions to reinforce training cues and techniques.

Board and Train Programs: The iTK9 Way

Board and Train programs offer many advantages over other dog training services, providing a holistic approach that benefits dogs and owners alike. At iTK9, we are proud to specialize in this methodology, which allows us to deliver results and empower owners to build lasting relationships with their pets.

If you're struggling to work with your pet or unsure where to start, our trained professionals can help. They fully commit to working with them safely and effectively through behaviour, obedience training, and continued learning.

We do the hard work for you to attain a happy home and a healthy relationship with your pet.

Included in all of our programs are the following;

  1. In-Person Learning: Midway progress training video, two go-home lessons.
  2. Online Learning: Owner education course, instructional training videos, iTK9 member community, e-books & additional training resources.
  3. Owner Support: Photo updates of your dog training with our team and access to our team for questions & support.

Contact us today for more information on our programs, including Board & Train.

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